Here are a few of our testimonials from our clients:

My experience with Skye Dance & Fitness is through one-to-one personal training. On our first meeting, my initial anxiety to starting something new were instantly brushed away. Time was taken to fully understand so many aspects of my life/ lifestyle so a realistic plan could be developed between us. She is so professional & knowledgeable which meant not only was I working towards my goals but I was also being pushed to go further in an approach which is encouraging, friendly & so much fun. I knew I was in safe hands & never left a session without a smile on my face 😄


Rhian is a top class fitness instructor. She is passionate about her work and her clients too! She will make you work hard (which is why you’re there) and pays great attention to your posture when working out. She is fun and enthusiastic and plays some banging tunes in her classes!! She has helped me on my journey and I couldn’t be happier.

Lucie R

I had the best experience working out with Rhian!

I needed a PT to help me get stronger after pregnancy and she kept delivering challenging plans to work through and I felt she really pushed me to achieve a very strong core.

The reason I picked her after attending her classes was due to her professionalism and devotion to challenge you further (which stood out from other professionals and classes that I was taking before coming across Rhian)!

Andrea M

Rhian is an exceptional coach from being my PT, to her classes (abs, Zumba, circuit) over the years the classes have Evolved and become greater, more challenging each time. She will have you and your body right each and every time.

Hemant M

Skye dance and fitness gives you the confidence to go out of your comfort zone. Pushing you in areas that you naturally wouldn’t put yourself in.
You always leave feeling positive and full of energy.
It’s not just all of the above, you also get a sense of achievement at the end, which is the best feeling. Especially when you can also see the improvement too.
I have done both dance and fitness, to which I have loved every minute of it.

Nathan D

I became a customer back when the gyms reopened after the first UK Covid lockdown in around May 2021 (I think).

I’m basically a recreational scuba diver who is striving to be, and being trained to be, a professional scuba diver so that I can get paid to do something I love.

I am sometimes in the sea for over 4 hours a day, and needed to improve my physical condition so that I can use less energy swimming and therefore use less air, whilst also improving my buoyancy control.

My journey with Rhian (of Skye Dance & Fitness) has been so much fun. I have learnt so much about how to use gym equipment properly with the correct posture, whilst embracing my core.

I really enjoy my time at the gym. I have 2 x 1 hour sessions a week with Rhian, when I am in the UK. And it is massively beneficial. Her instruction and guidance is clear, precise and professional. Rhian laughs at some awful jokes that I make and it is so cool to able to achieve my fitness goals, whilst also having a big grin on my face half of the time!

Yes… so Rhian is, in my humble opinion, a great personal trainer. And if you put the time and effort in, then you will achieve your goals with her. I am so glad that Rhian was the trainer I first met when I joined the gym back in May ’21.

Enough said.
Great Personal Trainer.
Very knowledgeable.
Can advise on nutrition too.
Good sense of humour (laughs at my jokes).
Lovely person and fantastic example of humanity too.

Highly recommended Personal Trainer

Victor M